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Manufacturing and Reconstruction of High Precision Metal Mecanical Parts through Hard Chromium Plating, Cylindrical Grinding, Lapping and Honing
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Hard Chrome - Grinding - ..Honing - . Diesel Recon - Remanufacturing - Hydraulics - Gages
Hard Chromium - ID and OD Plating

We bring more than 42 years of proven experience in the chrome plating business, (Flash & Hard Chrome) for the most diverse parts, functions, solutions and industries. Combining our hard chrome plating knowledge with our high precision cylindrical grinding, lapping and honing services, we can provide high-end solutions, with maximum durability and completelly guaranteed at a fraction of the cost of a new part !

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High Precision Cylindrical Grinding, Lapping and Honing

At CPQ our specialty is the high precision cylindrical grinding, lapping and honing services at tolerances down to ±1 micron (1μm).
We have modern CNC machinery as well as conventional ones, to machine from a single piece to large series.
We can also offer the turn-key style "maquila", well known and well used by US companies here in Mexico to produce quality parts in high volume, fast and efficiently allowing for a very cost effective competitive pricing.

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Remanufacturing of Diesel Fuel injection Hydraulic Heads / Barrels & Plungers
  • We can rebuild Diesel Fuel Injection B&Ps and Hydraulic Heads for all years, makes and models
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers around the world
  • We offer high quality, reliable remanufacturing services for a fraction of the cost of a new part, still with the same warranty of the new one!
  • Delivery times are on average just 3 days!
  • We can also rebuild Cummins and Caterpillar Valves, Stanadyne, Roosamaster & CAV Shafts, Accelerator Shafts, Caterpillar, Simms, Bosch B&Ps & much more

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Diesel CPQ

High Quality - 42 years of Experience in Diesel - Proud member ADM Member

Rebuilding / Remanufacturing of Metal Mechanical Parts for all Industries

These are highly effective, quick and economical solutions for the Maintenance and Repair Areas of the great majority of Industry segments.

If the replacement of your machine's worn or damaged part is:

  • Not feasible due to its unavailability (i.e. in back order),
  • Not available since it has been discontinued,
  • Too expensive, thus not worth it,
  • The delivery time is too long,
  • The importation cost makes it prohibitive,

.......we have a solution for you!

CPQ can rebuild your original part or component at a fraction of the price of a new one, with the same OEM specifications and normally in just 2 to 3 days!

Combining precision cylindrical grinding, turning, lapping and honing with our vast experience in hard chrome plating, we can rebuild all types of cylindrical (and other geometries) parts such as:

  • Shafts and Axles
  • Bearing Races
  • Sliding Guides and Rollers
  • Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Valves & Pumps
  • Plastic Injection Molds, Platens, Inserts & Screws
  • GO / NO-GO Gages and more

Are you looking to reduce machine down-time while in repair? We also offer Express and Weekend services.

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